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My Pacific Northwest Design Adventure

Last week, my daughter and I traveled to the beautiful Pacific Northwest to visit wonderful friends and see the beautiful sights. Travelling has always been a source of inspiration, as it allows me to explore a variety of new food, culture, and design.

We first traveled to Oregon, where picturesque outdoor scenes awaited us. We spent most of our time here hiking and enjoying nature.

Below are some design elements I drew inspiration from during our trip!

This rustic winery outside of Portland used distressed and various shades of wood to fully establish their footing as a quaint spot for locals, as well as a warm, welcoming environment for visitors. They maximized their space in beautiful vineyards by utilizing large windows and outdoor seating for patrons to enjoy the breathtaking views.

We then made our way to Washington, specifically Seattle. In this city, I was greeted with various unique design elements. Seattle is a very young and modern city that has design concepts ranging from cute and simple décor to extravagant architectural structures. Many of the designs I saw had a very young and hip feel while remaining tasteful and elegant.

The Seattle public library is a local architectural staple. Its unique construction serves as a sustainable and eco-friendly building for people to meet and learn. Personally, I appreciated the way this centrally located building was a free way for the public to attain beautiful city views while remaining enclosed during those infamous Seattle rainstorms!

This fun D.I.Y. window treatment lives in what Seattle refers to as a “roastery”, which I would explain as a very intense coffee shop. This decorative window treatment is made from various coffee labels. I love this idea because it adds decoration at minimal cost while still embodying the personality of the roastery.

The cherry on top of an already fabulous city, was something that has inspired me for many years – the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. Dale Chihuly is a phenomenal artist and glassblower who has an absolutely astonishing exhibit in Seattle.

This exhibit inspired me to want to use more sculptures and accent pieces in my work. These are a perfect blend of light and airy yet bold and bright. When first designing my studio, I took inspiration from the glasswork in the ceiling (pictured below). It truly adds uniqueness and beauty to the space without being overwhelming, especially when examining the intricacy and sophistication of each of the pieces.

All the design I experienced in the PNW was beautifully in tune with the aura of the region. A perfect blend of contemporary and rustic, simple and innovative. Exploring Seattle and Portland have fueled my love for modern and rustic design!


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