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Commercial Design

We know how to make your competition jealous! Francesca Morgan Interiors offers full design services for commercial spaces and businesses.  Whether you're in the middle of a new construction project, or just going for a new look, we can get you on the right path to success.  Not only can your new space leave a lasting impression, it will also make a huge difference on your company's work environment.

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What is the difference between commercial and residential interior design?

While residential interior design focus on homes, commercial interior designs focus on conceptualizing spaces for businesses. This includes hotels, lounges, restaurants, retail spaces, offices, banks, theaters, hospitals, country clubs, spas, and everything in between. Residential interior design is all about creating welcoming and livable space for homeowners, whereas commercial design seeks to increase functionality and elevate style for financial gain.  In both cases, it is the design team’s responsibility to translate the client’s vision; however in commercial interiors the vision needs to be practical, profitable, and of course, chic.

What do interior designers do differently in commercial spaces?

All interior designers are trained to know safety and fire regulations, but in a commercial environment, we are trained to prioritize functionality without sacrificing style or aesthetics.  For example, a high traffic golf club needs to accommodate a certain amount of guests if it wants to maximize profit.  In order to do so, the club needs to impress members with social settings, dining for groups, impressive views, and areas to escape the hot or rainy weather.  Wowing your patrons, as well as providing a comfortable setting, is a balance a trained commercial designer does on a daily basis. 

Most importantly, commercial designers are trained to ensure that everything within the physical structure is safe and up to code. We are heavily involved in the renovation and construction process and work closely with contractors and manufacturers to make important structural decisions including architectural details, lighting, floor and ceiling design, window placements, and technological upgrades. We define the project’s scope of work, draw schematics and blueprints, select the right materials, and oversee budgeting and scheduling, along with other important duties.

Once the construction phase is complete, the designer then transforms the physical structure into a living, breathing space during the decorating process. We choose styles that suit the needs of the business and bring everything to life with the right color schemes, furniture, fabrics, wall and window treatments, artwork, accessories, and finishes. 

A talented and experienced commercial interior designer thrives on fast paced, deadline driven projects that have the power to transform a failing business into a booming one.

Commercial Design Fees and Process

At Francesca Morgan Interiors, we pride ourselves on providing the best commercial design services in our area. We charge a flat fee for commercial designs that is based on the scope of the project.

Our commercial design process is the same as our residential design process, and takes our clients through a research phase, design phase, project management and procurement phase, and an installation and styling phase.

To contact us about your commercial design project, click here.

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