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Spring is in the Air!

The transition from winter to spring is one of the most welcomed times of the year.  If you are from where I am from (Stuart, FL), you will start to see the breath-taking trees on SE Ocean Blvd bloom flowers in the most vibrant yellow imaginable. The green market on Sunday is filled with families and friends picking up their flowers for the week and some fresh goodies along the way.  You will also see the roads beginning to slow down because all of our Northerners are heading back home to make sure their summer homes survived another winter without them!

One of my favorite things to do is switch up my home in a super affordable way each season. Winter to spring is my all time favorite because there seems to be a pep in my step getting ready for the warmer temperatures and new blooms.


Change the decorative pillows on your sofa, chairs and bedding to add a fresh new start to the season.  Adding a pop of spring color to a chair can add life, charm, and a whole new feel to your room.  I promise, you will walk in the door and smile every time you see the new change.  Pop into Home Goods and see their enormous collection of trendy, affordable and chic pillows.  You will spend $100 and you will be #homegoodshappy you did!! 

Fresh Flowers

I know you are busy...we all are!  I like to pick up my flowers at the grocery store or the fresh markets while I'm shopping for the week. I promise you, adding fresh flowers to your home this spring will give you a new sense of energy that I am sure you need.  Be smart when you buy your flowers and pick ones that won't die in 3 days.  My personal spring favorites are gladiolas and lilies.  I buy them when the bulbs are still shut and every day they will open up little by little.  Be careful to keep lillies away from your white sofa-- I learned the hard way that the pollen will shed and be a nightmare to clean up!  Oxyclean has been a go-to cleaning supply for that white couch...but it's still white!

Small things around the house!  

Change out your kitchen towels to something that is fresh and clean.  Change the soaps in the bathrooms from Christmas Evergreen to Fresh Cotton or Plumeria.  Get a few new candles that not only create a new pop of color on your book shelf but also add a floral scent to match the flowers.  A little bit goes a LONG way.  Be creative and your pocket book will thank you.  Remember to start a season storage to keep in your attic.  Take all of your wintery items and put them away-- each season  you can go through it and either reuse your things, add to your collection, or start over with something new!


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