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April Design Roundup

Pardon the delay on our April Design Roundup! I was traveling through SE Asia and was seriously inspired by the rich culture of textiles and craftsmanship of Indonesia and Thailand (perhaps a post to come soon)! Read about what I missed in April while blissfully practicing yoga and reading on the beach.

Product Launch

Speaking of global inspiration, Target is partnering with Accompany to bring a colorful capsule of global interior products that a positively delightful. From Indian throws to wooden bowls from Kenya, the product line embodies local traditions and supports the livelihood and communities of these craftspeople by connecting their goods with a wide consumer base.

Co-Working for Designers

Co-working spaces are rapidly becoming the essential office of today's entrepreneurs. Often these spaces cater to tech start-ups or freelancers with clean, minimal aesthetics and ubiquitous charging stations. However, a new player recently popped up in the co-working game: Fuigo, a space entirely dedicated to interior designers. Designers can freely collaborate and utilize the extensive design library, tackling the challenge in a young designer's career of finding space for these resources.

Boss Lady

Celebrating successful women is inherent at Francesca Morgan Interiors, so I thought I would share an article about a boss lady who is doing incredible things in the design world. Patricia Urquiola, a Spanish-born designer, has studied and taught at some of the leading institutions across Europe. Her playful and innovative designs are super fresh, using color and form to liven up any space. I actually saw a few of her chairs at a chic resort in Bali! More on her story here.

Hotel Opening

I had to mention the opening of the Holiday House Palm Springs as I was flooded with Instagrams of the jubilant space. While embodying the spirit of mid-century Palm Springs style, interiors designers Mark D. Sikes. Richard Crisman and Jeff Brock added an updated, optimistic splash to the historic building. More on domino here.

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