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10 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

We know that there is a stigma that interior designers are crazy expensive and only work on high end, brand new homes, but that's not at all true. Not only do we work on jobs as small as reupholstering one chair, we also sell products like wallpaper, fabric and accessories right from our studio!

Here are 10 reasons why you should hire Francesca Morgan Interiors (whether it be to make one window treatment or manage an entire home renovation).


Don't you hate it when you renovate a space with the newest design craze and five years later when you look at your space, it already feels outdated? We create unique and practical designs which enhance lives on a day to day basis (at a price you can live with!) Francesca's designs create unique and practical interiors that people love coming home to day after day. We do not do cookie cutter designs!


Francesca has almost 30 years of design experience. Her family owned a fabric store in Miami and she spent most of her time there. She grew up in the fabric industry and has never done anything else for a living (and it shines through in all her work)! Design is her life and she takes on each project by creating what is right for each client.


We have established a referral based business by providing unparalleled service while always customizing our clients' specific needs and catering to their budget. We have an impressive list of satisfied clients from every walk of life. We do what works for YOU and always listen to our clients' wants and needs! We love our clients and our relationship does not end when your design project ends. Francesca loves to catch up with clients by hosting events and taking them out to lunch regularly.


We have innovative solutions and the creative ability to maximize your space's potential. We offer a fresh approach that stem's from our design experience and diverse staff. We offer expert advice with precision and detail that truly makes

every room come to life.


We have a professional team of expert craftsmen that we work with hand in hand to execute your project. They are reliable and the best in the industry. We continue to build and add to our network. When our sub-contractors go to your home, you can feel comfortable that they are reliable, honest and hard-working. 


We can help you spruce up your surroundings by enhancing what you already have! This allows us to not only save you money but also preserves your style and memories as we work with you to design a new space. For example, our designers will find the perfect fabric to resurrect an old piece of comfortable furniture. 


Our access to sources is truly endless. We find the perfect solution to your every need. If you dream it, we can do it. We can find or create absolutely everything you can envision for your home. 'No' is not in our vocabulary!


We will add property value to your home while you sit back and enjoy your new space. Your investment will bring a significant return after you have enjoyed it for years. Small renovations or staging is also an amazing way to increase the asking price of your home when it's time to sell. 


Our full-time job is to manage your project seamlessly to the very end. What we say, is what we do. Our commitment to your project is our top priority. We ensure that money is spent wisely. You will always receive a detailed scope of work, itemized budget, and no surprises! We give you realistic recommendations to suit your taste, lifestyle, & budget, so there are no unforeseen costs that arise throughout the project.

10. YOU CAN D.I.Y.

If you are into 'doing it yourself', we can coach you at one of our home decorating seminars that empowers you to execute your plan as the professionals do. We also offer customization of services like digital renderings of your space, shopping with a designer, E-Design and more! If you simply want to order some wallpaper from us then take care of the rest, that's great too!


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