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Small changes, Huge impact.

Products Offered

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Spice up your life & re-imagine what wallpaper means to you, it's not just for your Grandma's house anymore! With our vast selection of designer wallpapers right here in our studio, we know you'll find the perfect color, pattern or even textured wallpaper option for your space. Our experts will guide you through your selections, contact us to schedule your appointment here now!


Do you just LOVE that comfy recliner you've had for years but the fabric is now worn and outdated?! We've got you COVERED. From couches and pillows to duvet covers & cushions, we can recover anything your heart desires. Contact us to schedule an in-studio appointment here with one of our experts & from there, it's as easy as coming in with a photo of the piece and we'll take care of your every needs. 



Custom Window

We carry a unique collection of all types custom window treatments featuring all types of blinds, shades and shutters. From over thousands of fabric selections to chose from and countless different styles of hanging hardware, we create a one-of-a-kind look to showcase in your home. Contact us to schedule some time to talk to our experts here!

Get Started

Please fill out the form on our CONTACT page and our design team will be in touch to set an appointment and get to know you and your project! 

Choose "Boutique Product Sales" under the service choices, and "Products" under budget. 

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