Wallpaper is made much differently now than it was back in the day!  Almost every home we design has wallpaper in it.  It is luxurious, beautiful and unique. Whether we decide to use it in a bathroom or dining room, the choices are endless and you will be beyond thrilled with the results.  

When color is simply not enough to convey the look and inspiration behind the room, consider the clever use of wallcoverings. Wallpaper is now available in a multitude of mediums designed for all types of creative applications including the ceiling! Our installers are licensed and insured, and are design experts in their respective fields, so you get professional results and service every time. We invite you to call our studio today or visit our gallery for examples of the latest techniques and finishes.

Reupholstery & Slipcovers

Hate your loveseat?  We can revive classic period pieces to sagging secondhands!  Why not breathe new life into old favorites with a little fabric face lift?  Often, adding a little padding to existing cushions, followed by a fresh layer of fabulous, chic fabric makes all the design difference in the world.  Get the designer look you want without spending thousands of dollars on new furniture. It’s not only a cost effective solution, but a growing trend in eco-design.  The eco-friendly art of recycling and repurposing what you already own, love and enjoy!

Expert Reupholstery Services:

  • Unique Fabrics

  • Decorative Trims

  • Upholstery Makeovers

  • Custom Pillows & Bedding

  • Upholstery Redesign Consultations

Window Treatments

Window Treatments are unique to each space.  Textiles  add depth and texture to a  room.  It's a very important & impactful design component . Having your windows adorned with fabrics that are perfect for the space are one of the key elements  to pulling your look together.  We are experts in making these selections with you.  

It’s been said the eyes are the windows to the soul. If that’s true then what’s to be said of the “eyes” of your home? Are your windows bare and in need of a little soul searching? No need to fret, simply start your search with us! We specialize in custom window treatments with a multitude of options from which to choose depending on your needs. Dressing up your windows with a fresh and innovative window treatment, complemented by a fabulous fabric or two, will not only frame the face of your home, but make that magnificent view of yours that much more spectacular! Call us today and we’ll give your soul something to smile about!


  • Bamboo & Roman Shades

  • Custom Draperies

  • Solar Shades

  • Motorization 

  • Valances & Decorative Top Treatments 

Lighting & Accessories

Through out every project, lighting is always a component we take a lot of pride in.  As hard as we work on all the furnishings and paintings to make your home gorgeous, we can't forget one of the most important elements!  LIGHTING!  Proper lighting is an art, and boy do we have this area covered!

Area Rugs & Flooring

Whether your design preferences are leaning toward an area rug that will be used like a piece of art work, or a more casual rug that will act as a pop of color- we can help you create the look that is best for each room.  

Flooring is a very important element when designing any interior space.  We love to take our time picking the perfect flooring for clients.  Your flooring can set the tone and feel of your home so it is a top priority of ours to make sure it is exactly what you want.

Decorative Painting & Faux Finishing

Our artists can duplicate anything from wood grain, to marble.  Before buying something brand new, we always visit the option of faux finishing the furniture you already have!  This is an economical way to reuse and rejuvenate the beautiful furnishings you already own.

Bedding Ensembles & Decorative Pillows

Bedding is the icing on the cake for every bedroom.  The colors, textures and prints will bring life and tranquility to each room.  You will be happy and comfortable in your room for years to come.

Custom Built Ins & Cabinetry

In the era of large, flat screen TVs, custom built in wall units are a great way to house these electronics so they look clean and organized.  Each unit is built custom to the space so you will end up with a perfect wall unit that will carry year after year.  Keep in mind, these wall units often increase the value of your home as well!!

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