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Summer Design Trends

Summer is here and in full swing.

Many people may use this as an opportunity to utilize outdoor living spaces, but in Florida we want to bring the outside in – especially since it’s SO HOT. Here are a few ways to bring your favorite elements of summer into your home.


With wallpaper making such a huge come back

(we never stopped using it), there are so many fun prints you can use to capture the feeling of summer all year round. In any of the spaces Francesca has designed, you can always find wallpaper, even in small doses. The two best ways to create an indoor summer oasis is to use tropical print wallpaper and textured grasscloths.

(P.S. We have the best collection of wall coverings you will find anywhere locally. Our extensive selection will "WOW" you!

Plus we have a staff wallpaper expert who will save you so much time pouring through the books.)


Not only are fake plants bad for the environment, but they also have bad feng shui! We know everyone may not have the biggest green thumb, but here are a few of Francesca's favorite indoor plants... Spider plants, aloe, ponytail palms, orchids, and succulents are all great options to add color and texture into a space. This will bring fresh air and energy into your home.


Do not be afraid of color! Some of the best houses we've designed are full of color. The easiest and most dramatic way to incorporate color into your home, is by creating a fun accent wall; whether this be paint, mural or wallpaper. If you're not a print person, tire of seeing the same thing easily or are afraid of commitment, add pillows and splashes of color with accessories. This adds interest and is a more cost effective, temporary remedy.



Natural, stained, or painted wood is a great natural element that can bring the outdoors in! Shiplap and exposed ceiling beams are increasingly popular ways to incorporate this natural element. Wood accents are so versatile and can be integrated into any design style.


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