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How To: Decorate A Mantel

A fireplace is normally the focal point of the room and more often then not some of us struggle on how we should decorate this beautiful feature. The trick to getting a Pinterest worthy mantel over your fireplace is easier than expected, by sticking to these few tips you will have a stylish fireplace in no time.

1. Center piece

Start by choosing a larger item that is appropriate for the space, to be featured in the center of the mantel. This object will be the anchor of the design and can be anything from a mirror, panting, or even a flat screen television.

Other Ideas:

- Layered artwork (approximately 3 pieces varying in size)

- Clock

- Decorative Plate(s)

2. Movement Triangle

The objects on your mantel will create a visual movement that should have your eyes moving around the fireplace naturally. To do this with ease, keep in mind that you want to envision a triangle with your center piece being the top of your triangle. This allows us to focus and transition through the mantel and the rest of the room smoothly.

3. Visual weight

Choose items for either side of your mantel that vary in height and shape. Going back to our triangle analogy, by adding visual weights to either side of your mantel you will help create the sides of the triangle. Working down as you move out to the left and right. Candle sticks of different heights or vases with greenery is always a great place to start. 

4. Layer Art & Photos

Fill in the middle of your mantel by adding layers of different objects such as picture frames, smaller plants, or miscellaneous items to round out the look. The key here is to continue adding objects of different heights to avoid creating a horizontal line that would deter from the look of the mantel itself.

What’s great about decorating your fireplace is that it can evolve with the seasons and the theme of your home just by changing out a few pieces. By changing out some candle sticks and picture frames for some pumpkins and rustic mason jars filled with fall leaves and shrubbery, you can instantly switch up your beautiful mantel so it's ready for the seasons!


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