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Why Staging Your Home is So Critical

Let's face it, in the real estate market, time is money. There is always going to be competition when selling a home. Francesca is a huge advocate for starting off in the right direction when it comes to staging and selling a home, and I'll tell you why. 


The goal of staging is to sell your home for the highest value within the shortest amount of time. Staging a home before it goes on the market is the key to tapping into the biggest financial reward possible.

Professional staging may seem overwhelming or like an unnecessary expense to some, however, staging a home is always less than your listing’s first price reduction.


To give you an idea of how beneficial staging can be, we previously staged a home in Stuart, FL for $5,800. The asking price was increased by $25,000 and the property sold in two weeks. Un-staged homes can sit on the market for weeks or months longer than staged homes.

We staged another empty unit in Jupiter, FL that was sitting for a year. After staging was completed, the furnished unit sold within a week.


This service helps clients or investors visualize the layout and design of an interior space. We can create a realistic image of the featured space showcasing your homes true potential. This tool provides buyers with a vision and the possibilities a space can offer. You can easily show buyers how the space can be furnished, decorated, and utilized in different ways. We can recreate the renderings to suit their personal tastes as well.

With virtual renderings, you can drive more qualified leads and shorten the number of days on market for your listings, at a fraction of the time and cost of physical staging.

Every home can benefit from some extent of staging, whether that be a few carefully placed accessories, or an entirely transformed living room. Staged homes stand out to buyers in a saturated market.

You can learn more about our staging services here:


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